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 Landscape & Garden Designer  |  Mama to Miss Charlie Rae

Heyyy, there!  That’s me, a millennial entrepreneur born and raised in rural America with a hot mess of a playlist to prove it.  And this October, I’ll add Mama-bear to lil’ Miss Charlotte Rae to the repertoire.

2020 has been a unique experience for all of us.  As we continue to pivot, shift, and manage our day-to-day lives I want to be a reminder and voice to the power nature has in nurturing us through the most uncertain times.  I know I’ve needed it! You’ll even catch glimpses of my right hand man and recently retired Mom as we juggle projects and design new programs for the work we love putting into the world with our new bundle of joy.

My Why.

I am of an era that not only wants to eat, sleep and breathe experience but wants to feel connected while doing it.  Now more than ever, that notion resonates with everyone I meet.  I believe this is part of our subconscious. Our spirit. Our soul. To quench this insatiable lust for connection and I’ve found my  version of solace.  In Nature. Through gardening really.  Gardening has become an Art form over a work ethic, and I’ve dedicated my life to understanding WHY nature has been such a constant force in it.

Under a Cancer moon, my sensitively curious soul personified. With a strong affinity for the home-space I would go on to discover that my time spent with nature eases my mind, body, and spirit like no person, food, or folly ever could. It offers a grounding point for me to process the unsteadiness and anxieties of life while allowing me to harness my most creative parts.   It’s an incredibly naturally shift out of any rut I might be stuck in or path I feel lost.  It feels like a secret that needs to be told and the answers are right at our fingertips. Literally.

No green thumbs needed.  Gloves optional.

I am known as a Garden guru to many, but I’m committed to so much more than prescribing maintenance plans and planting layouts for curb appeal. For me, it’s about evoking the emotion of joy, peace, and community with any space by using nature and her elements to cultivate connection and relish in experience.  Inside and out. 

It’s the key to making a house and home.

As a Landscape Designer and Garden Intuitive I believe it’s the collective nature of our human senses that make or break the experience with any space. It’s the emotion, the feeling, the vibe, that’s detected through our 6th sense know as Intuition that drives the ship and fills the gaps.  Intuition is conscious and unconscious. It's a mix of right-brain and left-brain processes. It’s the difference between an ordinary experience and an extraordinary one.  I harness my intuition to guide creative and cognitive decisions, first. This not only allows me to use emotion to connect people to the spaces we are designing and make them feel whole, cohesive and alive but it keeps them and us grounded within them.

This, my friend, is a concept not taught in the classroom of landscape engineering, nor heard in Garden Club chatter or any DIY magazine.  Nor is it really understood or embraced by most professionals servicing in this sector of the Green industry. It has taken me years to understand why my work is so naturally unconventional.

What makes me different?

This awareness of intuition and the influence it has on design offers me the tools I need to create spaces that are not only stylish but incredibly sustainable for each unique project I commit to. Of all the things I thought I’d be doing today, declaring myself an Intuitive would not be one of them; however, calling myself a Designer at first was equally awkward.   Join me on a journey of life, love and pursuit of motherhood as we explore The Art of Gardening and the intuitive nature of it all!

Nature nurtures. Nature heals.  And we do not lean into nature enough as a healing resource.

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