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Heyyy, that's me!  A millennial entrepreneur born and raised in rural America with a hot mess of a playlist to prove it.

I am of an era that not only wants to eat, sleep and breathe experience but wants to feel connected while doing it.  Now more than ever, that notion resonates with everyone I meet.  It has become subconscious. It’s insatiable, this lust for connection but I found solace.  In Nature. Gardening really.  I’ve dedicated my life to understanding Why. This gift, this awareness, could help so many (re)discover their truth, like it did for me.

Nature nurtures. Nature heals and we do not lean into nature enough as a healing resource. 

Under a Cancer moon, this emotional character with a love for home and nature personified.  I would go on to discover that the process of gardening satisfies my human senses like no person, food, drink or folly could. It also offers a grounding point for my emotions like no self-help book or religion has rivaled.  It feels like a secret that needs to be told and the answers are right at our fingertips. Literally.

No green thumbs needed.  Gloves optional.

I use an intuitive approach to design your space with peace, joy and community.  Just like other designers and contractors out there, I am eagerly awaiting your call to prescribe maintenance plans and planting layouts for your property but my process is colorful and personalized. This allows me to use emotion to connect spaces and make them feel whole, cohesive and alive.  My goal is to help people connect with what they thought they lost through the Art of Gardening. After all, our gardens are a lot like our closets, ignored and over stuffed with impulse. 

Of all the things I thought I’d be doing today, declaring myself an Intuitive would not be one of them; however, calling myself a Designer at first was equally awkward.  But I am both.  Intuition guides my decisions, as my decisions guide each project, relationship and experience of my life.  The Art of Gardening is how I put my passion into the world.  My work demonstrates that (See Gallery).



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