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Pandora's Box is full of Cookies?!

It’s now mid-May and there are signs that life is cautiously “un-pausing” from the socio-economic shutdown induced by the Covid-19 virus and its universal pandemic. Polarizing beliefs about what we should do next run rampant, but there is still only one truth I can honor and that is, No-one knows what’s next.

I am doing the best I can, Today, and every day, with whatever shows up. Even if that means indulging in my favorite sugar-based comfort foods, undoing years of yoga, detox and some version of addiction. Whose with me?!

Hellooooo Pregnancy During a Pandemic! “Did you say, Open Pandora’s box? There will be peanut butter cookies in there?! Okaaaaay!!!”

Blasting music, baking all-things Pinned for the last 5 years, and writing blog posts all prove to as cathartic as being outdoors among the earthiness of Nature and feeling the sunshine and fresh air on my skin. It’s all sensory, I guess. It’s all emotional too. All coping strategies I’ve devised in my life to create magic from shit-storms. They’re are tools that offer me the support I need during life’s uncertainties, when all other forms of human connection are on hold.

This is no exception.

From my earliest memories, I felt the inherent need to pause and pivot in-the-midst of chaos in order manage my safety and well-being. I believe this is the fleeting moment just before that Fight or Flight thing can take over. Just before the adrenaline rushes in and your heart starts pounding. Maybe even before the food craving sets in. I learned that if I could hold that space, even for a moment, and quiet the noise, the urge, the reaction, that I could hear truth. It comes from a higher place, a place of our own integrity. From this place, the certainty we crave exists.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized I had subconsciously created a lifestyle for myself, rooted in Nature, that could transmute chaotic energy into authentic beauty, it’s known as Gardening. It’s not just a passion of mine but it gives me Purpose and Poise. Here is where found a sense of confidence and control. Two things I struggled with holding most of my life. It now offers “Certainty” for me in the throes of life.

I hope to share its magic the more I learn and grow, especially through this lil' thing called Motherhood.

Seasons change, some more drastically than others- within and throughout our lives. Where I call home, the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York, the tree leaves are just unfurling, and the flower blooms are set to open. A dull roar of color is finally emerging. Spring is two months late on our watch, but right on time on Hers. There's a plan. A reason. An alignment. That I am certain. Each year, summer arrives just a bit later. But the sunshine continues to tempt us out of the cavernous isolation of winter with a sense of hope and encouragement through it wall.

Because of this we can be certain that virtual lifestyles will never replace human contact but purely enhance it. There’s magic in all this human-ness and shit-storms. I mean isn’t that why we are all here?

PS. I'm still looking for the Peanut Butter cookies.