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Mother Nature.

In between the wonderfulness of being able to offer garden designs to people who really love, or want to be more in-love, with their home and outdoor living space, I make time to have intentional conversations and personal reflections about why that connection with nature is so important to us as human beings.

That connection speaks no language and holds no boundaries. It’s pure.

What is it about our time in nature, as we are surrounded by colorfully fragrant plants, the echoes of birds, peepers and trickling water, the feel of warm sunshine on our skin and being able to lounge about it, that is so magnetizing? We let these moments take us over like a hocus-pocus spell on Halloween. We linger in them. Well my friends, welcome to the unadulterated feeling of connection with our truest self, our Spirit. Yeah. For real. Our human nature is to live in the present. That is what I discovered to be the missing link to my overstimulated, over efforted, hard-work-pays-off culture storm that I understood to be a success-oriented lifestyle. Furthermore, I consider it overrated. Have you seen the numbers on anxiety and depression? Anything in front of or behind presence gets us there. Oh, and make sure you count me and 99.9% of my friends and acquaintances in on them!

Today I made a huge revelation through my kaleidoscope lens of life but this time I layered on my mama-to-be filter. I felt the same surge of emotion flood through me like when we discovered the truth of our pregnancy. And just like magnet shillings pulling together through a thick sheet of glass, I could see the next chapter of my life forming. Is Charlie another piece to me understanding my connection with nature? Of course, she is.

Mother nature is the deity that has guided me in my life. She has offered the alignment of my values, my practice, my life, my faith, and now my purpose.

I am here to offer you different perspectives, awareness and observations through my newfound blogging platform. May if offer you the same peace and joy I’ve found along the way.