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Charlie Rae.

Through Uncertain Times.

Be the change I want to see.

Okay, I’d like to offer some incredibly personal words of belief, faith and love during these “uncertain times.” A phrase I am embracing because it pisses me off, quite frankly. I want to raise the awareness and energy in the room :)

I started this post today because I listened to that angry voice in my head. Why does "uncertain times" keep pissing me off? And what do people think is so certain that it's causing such ripple effect in our state of being?

There are so few things I feel are “certain” in this life- “death and taxes” are even up for debate anymore. I've come to learn that everyone’s reality is based on lasagna-layering of belief systems that have absorbed over their lifetime. All of which are serving them in one way or another. Our experiences constantly challenge these truths. This time is no exception.

So, what is certain?

What I believe to be certain is our nature to overcome. Humanity will carry on lusting for connection, support and security regardless of the times. So many cliché’s come to mind but at the end of the day I go to sleep with a visceral understanding of love and faith. It’s the only way out, over and through this wonderful ride we came here for. No matter your physical or financial status.

I want to offer you something even more personal, with an uncompromising amount of certainty. I will be giving birth to a beautiful baby girl in less than 6 months. We will name her Charlie Rae.

Oh, my gawd?! Right.

With as much certainty as these words I write to you now, there was never another option for her timing or her name. Her name is in honor of my Grandmother and idol, Charlotte, and one of the most encouraging men I knew growing up, Mr. Randolph Bancroft.

(I am trying to write through the tears, bear with me 😊) A-hem.

You might ask, how do I know this for certain? Because of my Faith. The same faith that carried me through the rest of my life story. The death of loved ones and beloved pets. The spontaneous uprooting of home-life, friendships, and jobs and all the other circumstances created along the way. That faith was always grounded in Nature- my nature. I learned to find solace in solitude. Gardening. Nature. Fresh air and presence. There was compassion there. Forgiveness. Understanding and love. It never had a name or religion attached to it. I had no-one instructing me that way. What I did have was intuition and empathy. A little voice, a feeling, a nudge that keep me going. Since I was a little girl, there was and will always be a uncompromising grounding effect nature has on me.

A visceral understanding of truth.

There’s nothing but time. What are you going to do with yours?