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Thank you for leaning into my world, even if it's for just this moment.

The Art of Gardening. Introduction.

I have spent my life capturing thoughts and processing emotions through a laundry list of creative en-devours but nothing as been as fulfilling or brought me as much Joy as when I play within the land of plants, be it anything botanical.

As a millennial entrepreneur, my intuitive nature keeps me from abiding by the conventional wisdom that saturates the Garden and Horticulture landscape. As a designer and steward, I have invested in, prescribed to and excelled at many of those teachings. It was my whole life. Until it wasn't.

It always felt like something was missing. The Essence. The Intention. The Why of Gardening. Something I viscerally connected to but never learned about. The nature of the green industry felt muddy the more I dug in. The more I tried to understand the more questions would arise. Insubordinate? You bet. Respectful? With all my heart. I became overwhelmed with the "business" of gardening. The discipline of it all came to a bottleneck moment and I resigned from life as I knew it.

Nature is an amazing resource that goes undervalued and over-faced by so many. All I can do is be the change I want to see. Reclaiming my nature became imperative so I committed to finding my authenticity. Again. Through nature.

When you combine the art and science of nature, magic happens. Nature has the incredible power to heal us and if we can express that through our human creative skill and imagination, we can produce amazing, personal works to be appreciated for not only their beauty but their emotional power. Here defined, The Art of Gardening.

It's been three years since I committed to finding my authenticity. People call me an Intuitive Gardener and I play with Holistic Designer but what I do is way deeper than gardening and I'm up to a much bigger game. Now I create a much bigger thing. I follow the energy. I Heal. Through Nature.

Its the emotional energy that moves us to and through our lives. Inside and out. THAT is what I love about Gardening. This is WHY I garden.